Art is my passion and I think it is important to use this enthusiasm to inspire young people to be creative, innovative individuals. It is through my experience as an art teacher at a primary school for the previous seven years, that I have realized everyone has artistic potential, they just need to have confidence in themselves and be nurtured in a safe environment to learn from their mistakes and eventually succeed. Pupils I teach have confidence in themselves and always ╩╗have a go.╩╝ They are encouraged to think for themselves whilst exploring a range of expanding possibilities and then self assess to determine how they could do better. I have observed that ideally pupils learn best and are most creative, when they are given the opportunity to decide what they want to learn, with my being given the role of supplying knowledge, resources and support to enable their ambitions to come to fruition.  In my position as an art teacher, tutor or lecturer, I see it as my responsibility to portray myself as a positive role model, able to withstand discrimination, and be a creative, innovative and unique individual.