Year 6 Children’s Quotes.


Ashley – It makes you feel like you’re the drawing and shows your creation into art.  It helps you express yourself.  You are putting your feelings on the paper and shows your passion for art.  When you pick up a needle or paintbrush it’s like you’re painting your life on a sheet, you’re painting your life away.  It’s a happy place in your head, it makes you want to do more to express yourself to the world.  When I’m making my art, it’s like I’m not in the art room, you’re in a happy place that spreads before you.


Louis – I feel individual and unique.  I feel like I’m on my own, doing my own style that no one else has done before.


Ore – Express yourself and feel free.  It’s a chance where you can do whatever you like without making mistakes.  If something sad is happening in your life, you can do art and after a while you forget about it and start concentrating on your work.  Then you make something and feel really good about it because it’s about you.


Bethany – It means that I can express myself.  I’m no good at maths and English so this is a subject I can do without the teacher saying it’s wrong, I can fix it.  I can get the things inside my head on paper.  I have dyslexia and find it easier to put down the lines and marks in art than writing the words and numbers.


Victoria – I like art because of the way you get to do your expressions and it’s my only subject where I get to use all my imagination and get to be in my own world.  You also get to do whatever styles you like, like when Picasso did cubist.  I like the way every artwork is unique and everyone has their own (style of) work of art.


Bradlee – I like this project because it’s our natural body parts and it makes you think about how it works.  I wont think it’s disgusting in science when we’re at high school and have to study the topic because we’ve got to grips with what the lungs look like in real life.


Clayton – I like doing art at this school, I’m quite new and didn’t do it at my old school.  I like drawing the body parts because you get to know what’s inside you.


Abbey – I think it’s fun doing art.  I like the after school club because we get to do the 3d work that we want.  I’ve gone home and continued the work with my uncle.  We don’t just learn about art, we learn about other subjects too.


Yunis – I did not do any art at my last school.  If I had to go back to my old school I would tell my teacher how to teach an art lesson.


Grant – I like doing art.  It inspires me.  It makes me feel like I’ve got something to do at home.  There I usually draw cartoons but here I do my own unique things.  When I do the body parts in the after school club, I actually sculpt it instead of drawing it flat.